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Alexandrites are natural gemstones with a touch of magic. Emerald by Day, Ruby By Night

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Every piece of jewelry is designed, handcrafted, and made with lots of love.
Meet Gisela

I have a passion for art and design that I express through my jewelry. I get inspiration from everything that catches my attention: colors, forms, objects and places around the world. Suddenly ideas come to my mind and I have to quickly draw them to capture all the details. That will be the beginning of a new piece or collection coming to life, skillfully handcrafted in Gold with diamonds and precious gemstones, including the rare, exclusive and gorgeous color changing Alexandrite.


Gisela did an amazing job designing my engagement ring to go with my wedding band. My husband Dan McKee and I were very proud of the job she did, we love it!

Casey Mckee

I have bought different jewels designed by Gisela, each one with her special touch! Maybe that is why I have more than fifteen pieces! I never get tired of her creativity!

Rocio C | North Carolina

Throughout the years, I have always been able to admire the good taste in her designs, from small and delicate, to statement pieces of striking, unique, and super chic jewelry.

Pilar Espinoza | Lima, Peru

Gisela is an amazing Jewellery designer.. She has designed several pieces for me. Each and every piece is an amazing stunning work of art with lots of love and eye for detail, she listens to what you are wanting and the end results are WOW!!

Karyn Goldingham | New Zealand

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Let’s create something truly special for yourself or as a gift for someone else.
Design Your Dream Jewelry with Gisela

The one-on-one consultation service offers you the opportunity to work closely with me and share your ideas, which ones are your favorite gemstones or the fond memories you want to add.

With all of these in mind, I would create a truly unique design that will be a reflection of your personality and will make you feel beautiful and confident.