Hello I’m Gisela, proud mom of three wonderful children and several pets. My super power? Creativity! I’ve been designing and creating ever since I can remember!

I design with one thing in mind, to empower you to feel and look amazing, to encourage your self worth, your self love and your self confidence! I put a lot of love, effort and good energies into my work, so you are completely satisfied with your piece of jewelry.

My newest pieces reflect my passion for design and fashion. What once began as an outlet channel for the creativity power in me, has turned into a strong passion for bringing pieces of jewelry to life with not only an exclusive design but also top quality precious gemstones.


At the same time a percentage of our sales gets donated to Share Kids Home, a registered orphanage in India, where kids from 9 to 17 years old are given shelter and education. Part of my mission in life, aside from raising my kids to contribute to this world in a positive way, is to share the blessings we have and help others in need. I strongly believe in paying it forward and giving our best to make this world a better place.

This small-scale orphanage currently hosts 18 children, 15 girls and 3 boys. Without the extra help and support, it’s very hard for these kids to get a meal in a day, hence this home receives them to give them clothing, quality food, a safe shelter and education. The couple who run this orphanage are true heroes or I would say angels in disguise.